Animatronic Robot

This is an animatronic robot platform for human-robot interaction research purposes. Funded by The Mechatronic Man foundation.

The project started in 2009, just before the boom of the DIY and the 3D printing revolution. It is Arduino powered and can navigate and move its arms under remote control. More information about it is available at the blog: in Spanish.

In 2014, thanks to the good job of Daniel, the robot’s head is finally moving, and making recognizable expressions despite the lack of “mouth”.

He also made a survey at the School of Engineering of the Universidad de Málaga, in order to measure the accuracy of the set of facial expressions.


In 2015, thanks to Esteban and Felix hard work, Wall-e gained new capabilities:

  • Head-Arm Semi-autonomous Gesture control.
  • Locomotion control.
  • Central controller Wireless communication (raspberry pi based).
  • – LoL (Lots of LiPo’s)

People enjoyed watching this expressive character.

Later, our animatronic robot made a new appearance at the first Postgraduate Course presentation of the University of Málaga, after some neck and shoulder surgery.

We had to refurbish some of the Wall-e’s old joints, but he´s a good nice robot and did his job nicely.

Among other things to be done are:

  • Minor surgery on its left arm.
  • A little brain able to link all its sensors with the locomotion and gesture system.
  • Some work has to be done to improve the robot’s power system and battery charge. Anyone?

This platform is used as a valuable tool for student Master Thesis. They learn a lot and have a good time.

Interested students, please contact us! at