Vision Module for the PIERO robot

As part of the Master Thesis presented by Samuel García Diethelm, an optional high level vision module for the PIERO robot has been developed using a Raspberry Pi programmed with MATLAB Simulink. The module can operate on its own and can also act as a master for PIERO’s Arduino low-level control.

On the example below, the PIERO is static and the module is only operating its integrated pan and tilt servomotors which are controlled by an onboard Arduino Pro Mini:

Using a slightly more complex algorithm we can then operate both the PIERO robot over a USB serial connection and the pan and tilt servomotors to track an object at a given target distance:

In both examples, we have used MATLAB Simulink to program the robot. We obtain the live image with the Camera block from Raspberry PI Simulink support package and then use the Blob Analysis tool to obtain the coordinates of our object.