Arm Module for the PIERO robot

The PIERO robot can have an optional 4 Dof’s manipulator arm.

The arm can be attached as a removible module for the PIERO since version V3.0.

This arm is fully integrated in simulink, and special functions are provided for basic speed and position joint control. It has been successfully used for degree education in robotics. The students can develop direct and inverse kinematic models.

The video show the PIERO V2. with the arm attached.

The system uses 4 dynamixel servos and a Simulinnk arduino s-function has been developed to references to the servos using a serial port.

If you are interested in using these simulink blocks, please contact J. Manuel Gómez at

Programming a Cartesian trajectory using Simulink and matlab

Goal of this problem is summarized in the attached document.


Detail of the robot arm configuration

With the inverse kinematic model, the students can execute a rectilinear Cartesian trajectory of the robot end effector as show:


Joint vs Cartesian trajectories

Joint vs Cartesian trajectories

Arm links positions in XZ plane

Arm links positions in the XZ plane

Example solution:


Main simulink program for Cartesian trajectory following

cartesian cartesian to joint


Simulink code

Yes. Here it is:

Dynamixel Actuator control Simulink

Dynamixel auxiliar files