Self-printing robot (Ms Thesis)

Hi, My name is José María and i’m going to describing about my Ms Thesis: “Self-printing robot”

The project proposes a new approach to the problem of robot tooling, based on an industrial robot cell with the ability of automatically creating is own fingers using 3D printing technologies. The integrated system includes an industrial robot and an open source 3D printer extruder. Moreover, the robot is able to throw off its actually end effector (for wear or
new requirements) and make a new tool for itself.

The 3D printing technology used is known as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). This technology is widely used for rapid manufacturing and prototyping adding material, layer by layer, to make the new piece.Thus, a plastic or metallic filament is extruded though a hot nozzle. Usually, a three axis CNC machine moves the extruder to build the full part.
An experimental setup has been built to demonstrate this approach, where the industrial manipulator moves the bare gripper actuators under the FDM extruder to build the desired end effectors, right over the gripper actuators.

You can see a video example below:

José María