New video of the PIERO robot, getting out of the lab with obstacle avoidance

In this new video, the PIERO robots show the execution of a student’s programmed navigation tasks under simulink. A matlab function provides path following, while a stateflow chart implements the obstacle avoidance. The composed desired orientation of the vehicle is then controlled by a PID.

The robot uses just two analog IR range sensors, and, as usual, the controller is based on an Arduino Mega2560 that also implements dual PI for wheel speed control using incremental encoders.

[Spainsh] Robot PIERO saliendo del laboratorio con seguimiento de caminos mediante un función Matlab, evitando obstáculos con diagrama de estados stateflow, lectura de los codificadores de las ruedas con un sfunction en C; y con control PI de velocidades de rueda y PID de orientación programados con Simulink sobre un Arduino Mega2560.

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Thanks to the students and the TaISLab team!


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