End of degree: “Integration of a lidar sensor in a BeagleBone platform under Simulink”

On September 25st I presented my end-of-degree project called “Integration of a lidar sensor in a BeagleBone platform under Simulink” due to the sponsor made by SeeedStudio which has supplied all necessary devices to develop the project.

The aim of this project was to use a sensor RPlidar A2 connected to a BeagleBone Green Wireless board, where information of sensor is sent through board to Simulink, where it is received and processed. In this last program appears funcionalities like the capacity of localization and mapping the environment (SLAM).

Firstly, communication was achieved through building a socket UDP with one demo application provided by producer called  “ultra_simple”. Then in Simulink it has been created two types of blocks, on the one hand to allow Real-Time experiments and on the other to represent results of experiment at anytime.

Below it shows one experiment of SLAM with the blocks built (first image) and the other figure the blocks built on Real-Time.

For more details, about how develop this project, go to TechnicalGuide .

I’d finally like to thank Jesús Manuel Gomez de Gabriel and Antonio Muñoz Ramírez for his support and supervision along the development of this project.

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