Haptic Paddle in the classroom!

We are very proud and excited to get our Haptic Paddle in the classroom at last. A group of eight devices have been developed to serve as a practice tool of the Teleoperation and Telerobotic subject, present at the Master Degree in Mechatronics Engineering program of the University of Málaga. In the next photo you will see the teleoperation and telerobotic students and the TaIS Lab members Antonio Muñoz, Jesús Gómez and Juanma Gandarias during a practice session.


The TaIS Lab have been working on the Haptic Paddle project since 2013 and ,after a few revisions of the design and the electronics, the current version of the haptics is shown in the next pictures.



Stay tuned to see the amazing projects that our students have developed using the haptics.

Here is the list of the collaborators that have supported the project:
Antonio J. Muñoz
Jesús M. Gómez de Gabriel
Juan M. Gandarias
Sepehr Akbari Kalhor

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