First Test of our ROSSI (RObotic PoSitioner for Surgical Instruments)

This is the first test of our ROSSI (RObotic PoSitioner for Surgical Instruments) prototyppe which is being developed and designed by Francisco Pastor as his Masther Thesis project. This DIY project is based on the OpenSurgery iniciative with the aim to provide an accessible alternative to the costly professional healthcare services.



Here are some pictures of the currently state of the prototype. The 3D printed part of the robot has been designed in SolidWorks. The system has two stepper motors which are controlled by an Arduino UNO and a CNC shield with the Grbl firmware. The motors also have an integrated planetary gearbox with a 5.18:1 ratio to improve the torque transmission.






Nexts steps will consist on develop a MATLAB script which allow the system execute gcode instructions and implement a Simulink model which integrates the Kinematics of the robot.

Stay tuned!

Thank you Curro!




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