At the XXXVII Jornadas de Automática in Madrid

Some of the TaisLab members attended to the last national conference on system engineering and automation, known as the “Jornadas de Automática”, organised by the Spanish Committee on Automation (CEA). This is the 37th edition and took place in Madrid. Hosted by the UNED and UCM Universities.

TaisLab Members at the 2016 Jornadas de Automática

TaisLab Members at the 2016 Jornadas de Automática

It’s the perfect place to catch up with colleagues from all the country, see the latest research and education products form different companies (Siemens, National Instruments, Mathworks, …), and attend to specialised seminars. We attended to a seminar about ROS programming under matlab/Simulink.

We presented a couple of papers about education in engineering and for the second time won the best paper in education award, sponsored by Prodel (a Spanish company specialised in educational products) and organised by the Theme group of Education on Automation. Also presented a video about the use of the haptic paddles for teleoperation teaching.

The official announcement of the retirement of professors Sebastián Dormido and Rafael Aracil was heartbreaking, even when everyone knows that they still have a lot to say.

We had such a good time.

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