Video of the “Charging System for Mobile Robots with ROS”

After the presentation of the Master Thesis, I am writing this post to share a video with some tests of the charging system and also all the documentation presented. Although the slides of the presentation are available in the last post , the complete documentation (more than 160 pages in Spanish) can be download from this link in GitHub.  In the text, different robots and charging systems are analysed. After it, it is explained how the system is designed using Infrared lights and all the electrical circuits are described. It also included the information about how all the parts were designed and printed in plastic with the 3D printers, and finally all the codes for the Arduino and ROS are described.

There are 2 tests shown in the video. In the first case, the robot detects the infrared signals with a sensor placed in the left side, so the robot spins in its position until the front sensors receive the signals.  In the second case, the robot detects the first signal with the front sensors, so it turns right in order to approach the central zone and connect itself to the base.


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